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  • Have You #GOTTHEKEY?

    22nd January 2018

    Haute Dolci is a new dessert cafe with a luxurious feel and delicious desserts. It has a similar feel to Heavenly Desserts as they are the owners? They have done a few things like adapt the menu to make it easier to read and improved their desserts. Once again they have provided as promised but keep reading to find out more!

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  • A Pretty Sweet Review

    30th September 2018

    Ok, so hands up who has the BIGGEST sweet tooth just like me? Yep, there’s something so delightfully joyful about eating dessert. You know what’s even more joyful? Eating JUST dessert! As in, skipping your dinner altogether and heading straight to the puddings. Hey, I’m an adult, I am totally allowed to do that, ok? So when I was kindly invited by the team that represents Haute Dolci, a branch of decadent and elegant dessert restaurants, I of course said a big bloody YES! I was also kindly allowed to bring two of my best friends to join me in my wondrous adventure of eating desserts sans dinner.

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  • Haute Dolci – The Key To Dessert Heaven

    24th January 2019

    magine a restaurant that served nothing but desserts – sounds amazing right? Well thanks to Haute Dolci (the latest member of the dessert only restaurant group) you don’t have to imagine any more, you can go and experience it for realsies. As long as you have a key of course.

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