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Unlock the secrets of Haute Dolci® by joining the hunt for one of our iconic keys. Each key grants members access to our loyalty club with points and charms, exclusive offers and benefits. Your very own key will enhance your experience of our boutique venues with priority queuing, discounts, private dining suits, elite offers, double points events and a Secret Menu on offer for all members.

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Step 1

Find a key

Join the adventure and unlock a world of imagination with Haute Dolci®. A delicious challenge unlike any other, our key hunts take place near your local Haute Dolci® stores, so stay tuned on our social media/website for more details. Follow the clues to discover your key, purchase a gift key, or win a key in one of our online competitions.

Follow the key hunt on Instagram.

Step 2

Download app

Make the most of every visit with the GotTheKey app. Available on the Apple Store and Google Play, the app allows you to access plenty of loyalty benefits, converting your love for desserts into incredible rewards.

Step 3

Register your key

After you’ve downloaded the GotTheKey app, it’s time to register your Key. To register, just present your Key to a member of staff at one of our restaurants. They will start your account and enroll you on the loyalty scheme, allowing you to start earning rewards immediately.

Find A Store

Step 4

Unlock the charms

We love our loyal customers, so we’ve ensured that every visit comes with a reward. As you dine with Haute Dolci®, you can enhance your key by purchase one of our sought-after charms to represent your loyalty level. Each new charm comes with extra benefits, making your next trip to Haute Dolci® even more satisfying.

Step 5

Enjoy the rewards

Every charm comes with its own rewards. You can earn double points at special events, unlock the secret menu, enjoy priority queueing, access special offers, and gain the chance to make private dining reservations. Receive discounts, attend Premiere events, and take part in exclusive competitions as you rise up the Haute Dolci® tiers.

Rewards Scheme

The Haute Dolci® Got the Key loyalty App will collate your points, giving you even more benefits to reward your loyalty. The more points you earn, the more benefits you receive. Collect 7 different charms, each representing a different loyalty level. When a new charm is unlocked, you’ll enjoy new rewards, from exclusive double points events, discounts, competitions, and priority queueing.


  Key Rising Star Almost Famous C List Celebrity B List Celebrity A List Celebrity High Profile Presidential Charm
Points   100 500 1,500 2,500 5,000 Exclusive Exclusive
Access to the premiere event
Access to private dining
Access to the secret menu
Priority queueing
Birthday gift
Dolci double day  
Discount   5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 40%
Private dining anytime      
Exclusive menu tasting        
Exclusive invite to premiere event          
Create and name your own dessert          
What Is A Key?

One of the most sought after and iconic status symbols of Haute Dolci® across the country. An Haute Dolci® key opens the door to some of the finest desserts you will ever have tasted. That’s why diners across the country are constantly searching for one of their own. With your own key, you’ll be able to access exclusive member benefits, taking your Dolci® experience to a whole new level. So if you love desserts, you simply need to have one.

How Can I Get A Key?

Our keys can be found, purchased, gifted, or won.

However, the most exciting way to get hold a key is by joining our famous key hunts via our social media page or our website. Whenever we open a new store, we run key hunts in the nearby area. Keys could be anywhere in the vicinity, and the only way to discover their location is via our social media feeds.

If you miss out, don’t worry. Keys can also be won in our regular online competitions. Competitions take place throughout the year. Dazzle us with answers to our challenges, and you could well get hold of a golden key.

Gift keys can also be purchased at any Haute Dolci® locations. They cost a minimum of £20, which can be used as credit for subsequent purchases from the restaurant. Finally, keys can be sent to others with Dolci® Gift Cards. So why not give someone you love the sweetest gift of all?

How Does The Key Work?

A key entitles holders to sign up for the unmissable Haute Dolci® loyalty scheme. Each key comes with a unique code, which grants access to the Haute Dolci® Got The Key loyalty app. When you dine at any Haute Dolci® restaurant, you’ll earn points via the app, which translate to some deliciously enticing benefits.

The loyalty scheme has 8 different tiers, and each tier is represented by a charm. As you earn points, you can unlock charms, providing access to even more exclusive benefits.

All key holders start at the first tier, but you’ll soon be working your way up through the charms. Remember, with a key in your pocket, you can invite as many guests as you like to opening week events. That way, you can share the dining experience and get a head start when rising up the tiers.

Key Benefits

A Dolci® key has many benefits. Added together, they make keys a must-have accessory for serious Dolci® fans. Here’s a quick breakdown of the major perks:

Access to Exclusive Première Events

Before the general public is allowed into our locations, access is restricted to key holders only. That way, you can soak up the atmosphere and sample your neighbourhood’s finest desserts before your friends. Or you can take them with you as guests, sharing the benefits of being an Haute Dolci® key holder. Don’t miss out.

Table Reservations

Make reservations whenever you desire, and enjoy priority booking for our sumptuous private dining suites where we will pamper you and your dining partners. You’ve never experienced luxury dining like this.

Secret Menu

Enjoy access to Haute Dolci’s Secret Menu. Our locations share some of their most innovative, creative desserts exclusive only to key holders.

Queue Priority

Fast track priority queueing means you can enjoy delicious desserts without any delays. Our restaurants are in high demand and we can’t do anything about that. But with a key, you’ll be able to breeze through the queue and take your seat without any hassle, whenever you want to explore our menu.

Charms & Rewards

Collect our exclusive charms, earn extra rewards and find out about events on our loyalty app. Key holders can also attend special events at our restaurants – where we say thank you for being loyal Haute Dolci® patrons.

Private Dining

Book our private dining suites anytime but be sure to reserve as they are in high demand.

Dolci Double Day

We are gifting double points to app holders on random days. Keep an eye on our social media and app to find out when the next one is. Don’t miss out!

And much more…

Gift key

The Haute Dolci® Gift Key is something quite extraordinary. In fact, it could unlock an unforgettable dining experience. So it’s the perfect gift idea for food lovers.

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