Helping to keep you safe


  • limiting customers

    Limiting the amount of customers in store at one time.

  • shift patterns

    Fewer people working on shift and managing shift patterns.

  • staff wash hands every 30 minutes

    Staff wash their hands every 30 mins.

  • ppe equipment

    Staff have been given extra PPE equipment.

  • check temperature

    Checking the temperature of all our staff daily.

  • sanitiser stations installed

    Have installed sanitiser stations in all stores.

Risk Assesment

At Haute Dolci® Restaurants, there is nothing more important to us than our guests and our team’s wellbeing. While we can’t wait to welcome you back to our restaurants, you will definitely notice that things look a little different and notice that we have made changes that provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment for everyone.

We will ensure that we adhere to all guidelines set out by the Government and the team will be constantly monitoring and ensuring that we go above and beyond to create a safe environment when you visit our restaurants.

We ask that our guests familiarise themselves with and adhere to Government guidelines when visiting our restaurants.

Guests are asked to make a booking on our website and ensure that their contact details (email and phone number) are correct.

If a guest or any of their party are feeling unwell, especially if they have a high temperature, a new persistent cough or a loss of taste or smell; or if anyone in their party think they may have been exposed to the virus in the past 14 days; guests are asked to contact our team to cancel their booking.

Online reservations will be taken for tables of up to 6 guests.

Any reservation of over 6 guests will be taken personally so that our team can speak to the guest and confirm how many households will be dining together.

All guests are encouraged to make a reservation online and booking times will be staggered to reduce the number of guests arriving at one time.

Guests will be encouraged to pre-book a table at Haute Dolci and will receive an email confirming our COVID-19 protocols.

Guests’ details will be recorded in accordance with Government guidelines and to aid the track and trace system.

We will provide hand sanitising stations at the entrance to all of our restaurants for the use of guests as they enter the building.

We have conducted a full risk assessment of the size and configuration of our restaurants and have adjusted the floor plans to facilitate social distancing, in accordance with Government guidelines.

Guests from the same household (unlimited in number) will be able to sit together on the same table.

Guests from two separate households (unlimited in number) will be able to make a single booking and will be seated on two separate tables which will be 1 metre apart.

Where possible one-way routes will operate in the restaurants as well as separate entrance and exit doors. Our team will communicate this to our guests when they are at the property.

Where one-way and separate doors cannot operate, our team will remind guests of social distancing.

Doors to the restaurant will be left open, where possible, to increase ventilation and reduce hand contact on surfaces.

Internal doors (excluding fire doors), will be left open where possible, to aid ventilation and reduce hand contact on surfaces.

Our lounge areas will be set up to facilitate social distancing between guests.

Guests are welcome to sit in our lounge areas, however standing in the lounge and bar area is not permitted.

Background music will be kept to a minimum.

Our bathroom entrance doors will be left open where possible to allow for ventilation.

Hand sanitiser will be available in all guest bathrooms.

We ask our guests to adhere to social distancing guidelines when using the bathrooms. There is a 1 metre distance between urinals and cubicles in our bathrooms.

The disabled bathrooms are self-contained and allow for social distancing.

Our restaurants are always immaculately clean and well maintained. In advance of opening we have ensured that all front of house / back of house areas are deep cleaned and sanitised using antiviral sanitiser.

We have introduced an enhanced cleaning programme, using an anti-viral cleaner in areas of high footfall e.g. bathrooms. These areas will be cleaned on an hourly basis.

There will always be a plentiful supply of essential cleaning chemicals in each restaurant.

Guest chairs, tables, card payment machines and other high contact surfaces will be sanitised after each use.

Pinch point areas where staff may come together have maximum numbers in place via the scheduling – for example behind bars in reception areas and in offices.

We have assessed third party deliveries and procedures have been put in place to restrict access to the restaurant and back of house areas.

Our food preparation areas have been assessed and maximum numbers of chefs are in place via the scheduling, in order to facilitate social distancing in our kitchens.

Where social distancing cannot be adhered to due for short periods of time to the nature of chefs work, chefs will work side by side or back to back.

Access to changing rooms, walk-in chillers, offices and other small spaces will be restricted to ensure social distancing can be adhered to.

Contractors will be booked to carry out works and repairs at the properties out of hours where possible. If urgent work needs to be carried out during opening hours contractors will be made aware of company hygiene and social distancing procedures.

All team members will have their temperature checked and recorded at the start of every shift.

Training has been provided for every member of our team. Team members will be instructed to wash their hands frequently with hot water and soap at the beginning, the end, and regularly throughout their shifts for a minimum duration of 20 seconds.

Antibacterial soap and disposable tissue will be supplied at all handwash sinks.

We have conducted training with all of our team on the cleaning procedures required pre, post and during their shifts.

Our team have been fully trained so they understand the risks, routes of transmission and the importance of handwashing, social distancing and cleaning.
 Team members will be encouraged not to touch their eyes, nose or mouth with their hands.

Team members will be instructed to keep a 1 metre distance between themselves and other colleagues and guests.

Time and attendance machines will be in use but must be sanitised using an antiviral cleaner after each use.

Team members will be required to bring their uniform to work to change into it upon arrival. A maximum number of people will be permitted to use the changing rooms at a time.

Team members will wash their uniform every night.

Sanitiser will be located throughout the restaurant and will be available for all employees to use regularly.

PPE gloves and masks will be available for employees who wish to wear them.

However, in accordance with Government guidelines for reopening restaurants, the wearing of PPE will not be mandatory.

Any team member who is classed as vulnerable will be assessed on a separate basis.

Signage will be on the staff notice board detailing CV-19 symptoms and when to self-isolate along with details of the company CV-19 risk assessment.

Any team member who develops a new persistent cough or high temperature will immediately be sent home or advised to stay at home. Employees will be instructed to self-isolate for 7 days if they are displaying symptoms or 14 days if they are living with someone who has symptoms.

A return to work health questionnaire will be completed by all team members returning to work for the reopening of the restaurant as well as anyone returning to work after illness or self-isolation.

All areas where an employee who displays symptoms of CV-19 has come into contact will be 2 stage cleaned.

Employee rotas will be kept for 21 days, in accordance with Government guidelines and to aid track and trace.

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